Pittsburgh Family Dentistry

At Bellios Dental, we treat patients of all ages! As a professional, Dr. Bellios recognizes the importance of preventative dental care, as well as instruction in proper oral hygiene. As a father, Dr. Bellios understands the need to treat patients with care starting at a very young age.


Dr. Bellios and his staff sincerely enjoy treating children of all ages. At Bellios Dental, we believe that good dental health starts at a very early age, and that oral health can impact the entire body.

Because Dr. Bellios treats patients of all ages, you no longer have to worry about traveling to different dental practices to ensure oral health for the entire family.

Our professional and friendly staff can coordinate family visits in order to save you time and travel. Call Bellios Dental today at 412-344-5288, to schedule appointments for the whole family!